Moth spots a lamp!

Moon Moth!








  • 10-04-2023 - Yet another overhaul! Added some more backgrounds, gave the boxes a cool gradient and fixed their wrappers up so that I can place text within them. Now I can give my boxes a specific height so they can scroll, sweet! Also updated the entry page with a disclaimer for bright colours.
  • 06-04-2023 - Updated entrance and home pages! (Site now has a guestbook woot!) Also re-added my about page with a cool button gallery of buttons that I can relate to! Homepage also has a neocities link both to neocities itself and my profile :)
  • 02-04-2023 - Another layout update! Swapped out absolute positioning of my tables for a grid. I'm still new to CSS grid but they're really useful so far!
  • 01-04-2023 - Huge huge update! Another overhaul of the entire site with a new layout and a new aesthetic! (I swear the date isn't a joke!)
  • 25-03-2023 - Overhauled homepage with some page links! Added an about me page!
  • 22-03-2023 - Added a snazzy 404 page!
  • 22-03-2023 - Changelog now resides on its own page! Frontpage now has a custom title! Changelog also got some links to its acknowledgements! :)
  • 21-03-2023 - Added a cool image of my moth fursona and centered some text! (Thanks THA for the arttt!)
  • 21-03-2023 - Updated some internal stuff! (CSS is now external!)
  • 20-03-2023 - Replaced pink background for a cool starry void! (Thanks GifCities!)
  • 20-03-2023 - Disclaimer added!
  • 20-03-2023 - Background changed to pink! (Pretty!)
  • 20-03-2023 - Initial Version Created! (With the aid of NeoCities' HTML Tutorial Cat!)